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Track your progress

Track your progress.

Measure the progress of ideas, tests and options as well as your average speed of delivery:

  • Produce topline reports and dashboards for status reviews
  • Get detailed insights into innovation performance
  • Track your progress against the organisation’s strategic goals
  • Demonstrate the total value of all innovation initiatives

Why is this useful?
It helps you see what’s working and where you could improve.

Measure current and projected value

Measure current and projected value.

Analyse the total value of your innovation initiatives at every stage of the ideation process:

  • Make financial plans and projections
  • Track ROI to ensure profitability
  • Compare projected costs with actual costs
  • Communicate the total value of your innovation pipeline to stakeholders

Why is this useful?
It helps you demonstrate the value and importance of innovation to senior stakeholders.

Visualise innovation data

Visualise innovation data.

Generate intuitive and easy to understand visualisations that help stakeholders make informed decisions:

  • Present the depth and breadth of your innovation portfolio
  • Quickly and easily communicate complex data
  • Show how your portfolio is aligned with strategic objectives

Why is this useful?
It helps you tailor your reporting to different stakeholder needs.

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