Meetings of the future might look something like this

By Ady Harold on 12 June 2019
Topics: business, innovation, collaboration, meetings, flexible working, remote working, future tech, technology, augmented reality, virtual reality
The continuing trend for flexible and remote working means collaboration matters now more than ever. But how close are we to realising the holographic meetings predicted by science fiction?
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What is innovation ambition and what's yours?

By Cecilia Thirlway on 04 June 2019
Topics: business, innovation, innovation management, horizons, sustaining innovation, radical innovation, transformational innovation, Innovation Ambition Matrix, adjacent innovation, incremental innovation, innovation ambition, core innovation
Innovation isn't just about moonshots and disruptions. Expanding existing capabilities and realising smaller, less radical projects can still create value for your organisation. Here's how the three levels of ambition can help ensure balance in...
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How to generate ideas

By Cecilia Thirlway on 30 May 2019
Topics: creative thinking, creativity, idea management, ideas, ideation, divergent thinking
The innovation process frequently starts with a new idea, a flash of inspiration or a fresh perspective that can be difficult to engineer. In this article we outline some tips on how to help your people flex their creative muscles.
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What are the three horizons of innovation?

By Cecilia Thirlway on 15 May 2019
Topics: business, innovation, innovation management, goals, horizons, portfolio management, growth, sustaining innovation, radical innovation
We take a look at where the three horizons framework comes from and what it is, as well as some of the current thinking around it, to help you apply it to your innovation portfolio.
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Identify your business challenges and turn them into innovation goals

By Cecilia Thirlway on 10 May 2019
Topics: business, innovation, challenge, creative problem solving, innovation management, goals
Determining your innovation goals can be a challenge in itself, so here are some tips to help you focus on the problems that really need solving.
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