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Charlie Widdows

Charlie Widdows

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by Charlie Widdows 6 min read

It can be tough to embrace change – whether that means innovative ideas, new ways of working or sudden business disruption As we revealed in our Innovation Blockers report, introducing …

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by Charlie Widdows 2 min read

Leading change can be a challenge for even the most accomplished CEOs. Yet it is a role that innovation managers take on every day. For many, they are working in …

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Topics:innovation managementchange managementRob SheffieldJane Ginneverinnovation definition

by Charlie Widdows 3 min read

We asked you to tell us your top innovation challenges, then we asked four innovation experts for their solutions. Read on to find out what they said. Building a useful …

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by Charlie Widdows 1 min read

We’re surveying innovation leaders to find out what derails innovation in organisations. You can find the survey embedded below, we’d love to hear what you think. We want Solverboard to …

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