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Toby Bartholomew

Toby Bartholomew

I am an agile project manager working for Solverboard, a goal driven end to end innovation management software. I am certified as a project manager in both PRINCE2Agile and APM (PMQ) and I am qualified as an ILM Level 5 Coach and Mentor.

Recent posts by Toby Bartholomew:

by Toby Bartholomew, on 12-Mar-2019 10:26:00

Have you ever been in a meeting which seemed to have no point to it and was a waste of time? Would it have helped to have someone ask: “Why …

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by Toby Bartholomew, on 10-Nov-2017 15:08:06

Can you remember where you woke up this morning? Imagine that you wake up there again tomorrow...and are lying next to a fully-grown cow. If you had 24 hours, from …

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by Toby Bartholomew, on 07-Jul-2017 14:41:08

Every day, thousands of ideas might be going to waste in your organisation. We designed Solverboard to help organisations engage their people and generate ideas around business challenges – but …

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by Toby Bartholomew, on 03-Jul-2017 10:02:14

It’s official - there are some serious creative thinkers out there. A staggering 317 ideas were submitted to Team Sky’s first open challenge on Solverboard, ranging from developing apps to …

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