FutureFest 2016 - and making open innovation work

By on 01 July 2016

Topics: creative thinking, innovation

FutureFest 2016 - and making open innovation work - looking up a building towards the sky

A great event for anyone interested in shaping the future of work, play, or life in general: Nesta’s FutureFest 2016 is coming up in September.

Described as a “weekend festival of ideas, talks, and interactive performances to inspire people to change the future”, the lineup features leading thinkers such as Will Self, Brian Eno and many more, curated into four main areas of love, work, thrive and play.

The conference will also feature a Nesta Stage, featuring the organisation’s work on innovation. Tickets are only £50 for a day ticket, or £25 for students.

On the subject of Nesta, Chief Executive Geoff Mulgan wrote an excellent article about innovation platforms recently, which we shared on our social media channels this week. We think it’s worth talking about again here, as it’s a really interesting piece (and it mentions us which is always nice!)

Geoff makes the point that a platform alone can’t make open innovation work, but that

“it’s the combination of the online and offline processes that often turns out to be most important”

We absolutely agree with this observation, and to that end we’ll be publishing our Best Practice Guide on how to use Solverboard to best advantage very soon, as well as a round up of what we think are the key factors that could make open innovation take off for your organisation. Watch this space!

Cecilia Thirlway

Cecilia Thirlway

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