Generating ideas with the rule of three

by Cecilia Thirlway, on 4 Mar 2016 1 min read

Generating ideas with the rule of three. Three boats on a lake.

Self-confessed start-up nerd and founder Tony Stubblebine posted on Medium recently about his rule of three for generating ideas.According to Tony:

“one idea is a bad idea…two ideas is an argument…three ideas is a brainstorm”

We love this post - Tony explains in a really engaging way why when it comes to the initial stages of idea generation, more ideas, even if they’re bad ones, is the way to go. He terms this initial idea generation stage ‘flaring’ (with thanks to Janice Fraser of Pivotal), followed by a ‘focusing’ stage where you whittle the ideas down to the ones that might work.

Separating out the generation of ideas from their evaluation is hugely valuable for creative thinking - as Tony says, it ‘unblocks people’.

It’s a quick read with a great takeaway - have a look!

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