Mothers of Invention: Episode 5 – The Future of Work

by Solverboard, on 7 Apr 2021 2 min read


We discuss how businesses and employees have responded to the sudden shift to working from home, and the potential opportunities this change presents in the long term.

The Mothers of Invention community of innovators, entrepreneurs, consultants, founders, and business owners has been meeting every week on Zoom since the beginning of lockdown to share stories and advice.

In this episode, we hear the group discussing the future of work, and how their businesses and clients responded to the sudden reality of everyone working from home.

Now this is our new normal, how will businesses take advantage of the opportunities – such as the ability to recruit people from across the world – while balancing it with the need to provide staff with the right support and training opportunities?

Hosted by Solverboard co-founder, Charlie Widdows, the conversation moves from how the invention of the lightbulb has created our traditional 9-5 working rhythms and why we need to trust our staff more, to how working from home might impact future employment packages and business culture.

Featuring (in order of appearance from 1 minute in):

  • Charlie Widdows, Co-Founder at Solverboard
  • Nick Dean, Managing Director at ADLIB
  • Aaron Slater, Head of Marketing at Solverboard
  • Cecilia Thirlway, Innovation and entrepreneurship specialist
  • Bastiaan Saris, Divisional Head of Innovation at Molson Coors Beverage Company
  • Katherine Allan, KSK Consultancy


Mothers of Invention started as a support network for businesses responding to the pandemic. As we helped each other, we realised that our experiences could help others, so we decided to turn these Zoom meetings into podcasts.

Note: this is a recorded Zoom conversation so will have some background noise.

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