New and improved Solverboard for Business

by Cecilia Thirlway, on 4 Apr 2017 2 min read

Solverboard for Business


Please note: in February 2018 Solverboard for Business became Solverboard Work, and Solverboard Open became Solverboard World. Find out more about these changes here.

We’re finally there: the business version of our platform is now available in a new and improved flavour.Over the past few months we’ve been working away behind the scenes putting together a hugely improved version of Solverboard for Business. It’s faster, more beautifully designed, and also works much better on mobile devices.  We’ve streamlined the process of setting challenges, which means you can set a Quick Ideas challenge in minutes, and made the overall user experience easier to navigate.

This change is just the start of a series of exciting improvements we’re planning for Solverboard for Business, including bringing in a suite of online collaboration and creativity tools.

(By the way - if you don't know what Solverboard is, why not watch our new film? It only takes 3 minutes. It's at the bottom of this post.)

Already using Solverboard for Business? Read this

If you’ve already got a Solverboard for Business account, you’ll need to create a new one by going to and clicking Get Started. We’ve made it really quick and easy to sign up so this should only take five minutes.

(During the sign up process, you’ll be asked to put in your credit card details, but don’t worry: you won’t be charged for 30 days.)

If you have any data saved in your original Solverboard account and would like us to move it to your new one, please drop us a line at and we’ll be pleased to help. We’ll keep any data in your old account for 30 days from today, in case you need to refer back to it.

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