Identify your business challenges and turn them into innovation goals

By Cecilia Thirlway on 10 May 2019
Topics: business, innovation, challenge, creative problem solving, innovation management, goals
Determining your innovation goals can be a challenge in itself, so here are some tips to help you focus on the problems that really need solving.
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People factors: the emerging role of an innovation project manager

By David Richmond on 01 May 2019
Topics: guest posts, innovation, project management, innovation management
In another extract from his Guide To Managing Innovative Projects, David Richmond explores the role of an innovation manager in project delivery and the coordination of various teams and stakeholders involved.
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Getting leadership buy-in for your innovation programme

By Cecilia Thirlway on 26 April 2019
Topics: innovation, project management, innovation management, leadership
Research has shown that innovation projects are much more likely to succeed when senior leaders are heavily involved and engaged. So here are several tips to make sure your leadership is behind the process from the start.
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How to frame an innovation challenge

By Cecilia Thirlway on 17 April 2019
Topics: idea management, innovation, challenge, creative problem solving
Taking MIT's innovative approach to office heating as an example, we look at ways to redefine the problem you're looking to solve, to generate truly creative ideas.
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What makes innovative projects different?

By David Richmond on 10 April 2019
Topics: guest posts, innovation, project management
In this extract from his Guide To Managing Innovative Projects, David Richmond from Richmond Innovation looks at what sets an innovation project apart and explains how it embraces uncertainty, risk, change, agility and collaboration.
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