Innovation and failure - from words to deeds

By Cecilia Thirlway on 30 November 2017
Topics: guest posts, innovation, insight, Solverboard Work
We came across this post by Boston-based innovation consultant Eugene Ivanov earlier this week, and loved it so much we asked if we could re-post it here.
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Six years of 6Heads – the better angels of our nature

By Cecilia Thirlway on 29 November 2017
Topics: 6Heads, creative thinking, innovation, Solverboard Social, sustainability, systems change
Monday nights are often pretty dull, especially at this time of year – it’s dark and cold, and everyone is adjusting to being back in the daily grind of the week. So it was hugely refreshing and uplifting to spend my Monday evening in the company...
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The EBN tech camp, Italy and a cow

By Toby Bartholomew on 10 November 2017
Topics: creative thinking, innovation, Solverboard Work, Solverboard news
Can you remember where you woke up this morning? Imagine that you wake up there again tomorrow...and are lying next to a fully-grown cow.
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Innovation Conversations: Margaret Heffernan, CEO, writer and speaker

By Cecilia Thirlway on 08 November 2017
Topics: innovation, Innovation Conversations
. I’ve been wanting to talk to Margaret ever since I saw her speak at the Vision conference in Bristol a few years ago, so I was incredibly happy to get the opportunity of speaking with her on the phone for this interview.
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Contest Challenges, Showcase and Teams – new Standard price tier

By Cecilia Thirlway on 22 October 2017
Topics: Solverboard Work, Solverboard news
We’re doing a dance of joy over at Solverboard, as our new Standard package is now available for all existing and new customers.
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