What makes innovative projects different?

By David Richmond on 10 April 2019
Topics: guest posts, innovation, project management
In this extract from his Guide To Managing Innovative Projects, David Richmond from Richmond Innovation looks at what sets an innovation project apart and explains how it embraces uncertainty, risk, change, agility and collaboration.
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Powerful questions – why and how to ask them

By Toby Bartholomew on 12 March 2019
Topics: creative thinking, innovation
Have you ever been in a meeting which seemed to have no point to it and was a waste of time? Would it have helped to have someone ask: “Why are we having this meeting? What is its purpose?”
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Can Tesla turn its comparative advantage into competitive advantage?

By Paul Hunter on 07 February 2019
Topics: guest posts, innovation
This guest post comes from our partners smiknowledge, providers of professional development support services to individuals, teams and entire organisations in the fields of strategy, management and leadership.
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Are you an adaptor or an innovator?

By Cecilia Thirlway on 25 November 2018
Topics: creative thinking, idea management, innovation
It turns out that knowing the answer to that question is incredibly useful: for individuals, for managers, and for anyone hoping to build a culture of innovation in their organisation.
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MIT Solve – can technology help create the future of work?

By Cecilia Thirlway on 05 April 2018
Topics: creative thinking, featured, innovation
MIT launched its 2018 Solve Challenges recently, and as ever, they reflect some of the bigger issues of our times.
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