Six years of 6Heads – the better angels of our nature

by Cecilia Thirlway, on 29 Nov 2017 1 min read

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Monday nights are often pretty dull, especially at this time of year – it’s dark and cold, and everyone is adjusting to being back in the daily grind of the week. So it was hugely refreshing and uplifting to spend my Monday evening in the company of the lovely people at 6Heads, as well as a large number of their friends and supporters.

6Heads is a collective founded by six M.Sc. students from Imperial College, which has since grown to include many more heads and a huge number of people who take part in events and support the work of the collective. The focus of 6Heads is innovation towards sustainability, and this can encompass anything from trapeze workshops as a means of exploring liminal space to taking part in hackathons or the Climate Finance Accelerator.

Monday was their six year anniversary celebration, themed around ‘Unlocking the Impossible’, and was a celebration of what can – and is – being achieved by people in all areas of business to effect real and positive change in challenging areas.

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