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by Cecilia Thirlway, on 30-May-2019 10:32:48

The innovation process frequently starts with a new idea, a flash of inspiration or a fresh perspective that can be difficult to engineer. In this article we outline some tips on how to help …

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by Toby Bartholomew, on 12-Mar-2019 10:26:00

Have you ever been in a meeting which seemed to have no point to it and was a waste of time? Would it have helped to have someone ask: “Why …

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by Cecilia Thirlway, on 25-Nov-2018 17:04:00

It turns out that knowing the answer to that question is incredibly useful: for individuals, for managers, and for anyone hoping to build a culture of innovation in their organisation …

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by Cecilia Thirlway, on 05-Apr-2018 16:34:39

MIT launched its 2018 Solve Challenges recently, and as ever, they reflect some of the bigger issues of our times. Solve is MIT’s open innovation marketplace, connecting innovators with resources …

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by Cecilia Thirlway, on 20-Feb-2018 14:24:58

Have you been watching Altered Carbon? Going by the amount of online chat many millions of us are, so chances are you’re one of them. (If you’re not watching it …

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by Solverboard, on 08-Feb-2018 20:07:32

Today our core business tool, Solverboard for Business, got a host of updated features as well as a fresh new look and a new name: Solverboard Work. But that’s not …

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by Cecilia Thirlway, on 18-Dec-2017 14:44:50

This article recently ran on as part of a Times supplement on Enterprise Agility.Fans of science fiction will know that in the future almost anything is possible. Whether it’s …

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by Cecilia Thirlway, on 29-Nov-2017 16:20:28

Monday nights are often pretty dull, especially at this time of year – it’s dark and cold, and everyone is adjusting to being back in the daily grind of the …

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by Toby Bartholomew, on 10-Nov-2017 15:08:06

Can you remember where you woke up this morning? Imagine that you wake up there again tomorrow...and are lying next to a fully-grown cow. If you had 24 hours, from …

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by Cecilia Thirlway, on 13-Oct-2017 11:09:03

Most people have heard of Amazon chief Jeff Bezos’ two-pizza rule: if a meeting can’t share two pizzas, then there’s too many people in the room. But if you’re using …

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