Why Marlon Brando is a clue to workplace creativity

By Cecilia Thirlway on 15 December 2016
Topics: creative thinking, idea management, innovation, insight, transformation
I’ve been interviewing innovation professionals over the last few months for a series of articles I’m calling ‘Innovation Conversations’, and one thing they all agree on is that anyone can be a creative thinker. It doesn’t matter how old you are...
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Pulled. Banks. Prone. Found us yet?

By Cecilia Thirlway on 02 December 2016
Topics: creative thinking, innovation, Solverboard news
I was lucky enough to go to the How To Academy’s annual conference this week, ambitiously titled ‘How To Change The World.’ It was a pretty mind-blowing day, with 20 minute presentations from futurists, neurologists, scientists and many others....
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Technology, convergence and innovation

By Cecilia Thirlway on 04 October 2016
Topics: creative thinking, idea management, innovation, insight
Some interesting thoughts this week here at Solverboard about technology and convergence. It all started with Anil Dash’s article on Medium which argues that there is no such thing as a technology industry any more. Anil’s point is that with...
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e3′s four models of innovation - and how we can help

By Cecilia Thirlway on 12 September 2016
Topics: creative thinking, idea management, innovation
Our near neighbours, digital marketing agency e3 media, have been running a series of events around innovation recently, talking to executives from companies as diverse as Vodafone, Unicef, AXA and HMV about what innovation means to them, and...
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The importance of partnerships - Global Innovation Index 2016

By Cecilia Thirlway on 05 September 2016
Topics: creative thinking, innovation
The importance of partnerships and open innovation was emphasised once again recently, as the Global Innovation Index for 2016 was released.Produced by INSEAD, Cornell University and the World Intellectual Property Organisation, the annual...
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