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by Charlie Widdows 6 min read

Structuring the idea generation and development process to help innovation flourish is a real challenge. In this post, Aimee Skinner at Bristol Water shares their unique approach. According to our …

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by Charlie Widdows 4 min read

Why do crises improve our ability and willingness to collaborate and innovate? And what can innovation practitioners learn from this situation? Experienced trainer and consultant Rob Sheffield shares his thoughts …

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by Aaron Slater 4 min read

We caught up Jane Ginnever, a change management expert, to find out how innovation leaders can help organisations embrace change – during the Coronavirus crisis and beyond. “If we can’t …

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by Charlie Widdows 6 min read

It can be tough to embrace change – whether that means innovative ideas, new ways of working or sudden business disruption As we revealed in our Innovation Blockers report, introducing …

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