Why some ideas work better than others

By Chris Potts on 27 August 2019

Topics: guest posts, idea management, portfolio management, change management, innovation strategy, enterprise investment, Airbus

In the latest in his series of opinion pieces, enterprise investment specialist Chris Potts suggests the Airbus A380 is a case in point of how investing in change is about working with diverse probabilities of success.
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How to generate ideas

By Cecilia Thirlway on 30 May 2019

Topics: creative thinking, creativity, idea management, ideas, ideation, divergent thinking

The innovation process frequently starts with a new idea, a flash of inspiration or a fresh perspective that can be difficult to engineer. In this article we outline some tips on how to help your people flex their creative muscles.
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How to frame an innovation challenge

By Cecilia Thirlway on 17 April 2019

Topics: idea management, innovation, challenge, creative problem solving

Taking MIT's innovative approach to office heating as an example, we look at ways to redefine the problem you're looking to solve, to generate truly creative ideas.
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Are you an adaptor or an innovator?

By Cecilia Thirlway on 25 November 2018

Topics: creative thinking, idea management, innovation

It turns out that knowing the answer to that question is incredibly useful: for individuals, for managers, and for anyone hoping to build a culture of innovation in their organisation.
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Creating the Solverboard ecosystem

By Solverboard on 08 February 2018

Topics: creative thinking, featured, idea management, innovation, new features, Solverboard news

Today our core business tool, Solverboard for Business, got a host of updated features as well as a fresh new look and a new name: Solverboard Work. But that’s not all that’s changed: the new Solverboard Work is just part of our Solverboard...
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