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by Charlie Widdows 6 min read

Structuring the idea generation and development process to help innovation flourish is a real challenge. In this post, Aimee Skinner at Bristol Water shares their unique approach. According to our …

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by Cecilia Thirlway 5 min read

You'll want to capture all the ideas that emerge from your organisation, as and when they arise, but here are nine ways to give the process a helping hand. Whether …

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by Cecilia Thirlway 2 min read

The innovation process frequently starts with a new idea, a flash of inspiration or a fresh perspective that can be difficult to engineer. In this article we outline some tips on how to help …

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by Toby Bartholomew 1 min read

Every day, thousands of ideas might be going to waste in your organisation. We designed Solverboard to help organisations engage their people and generate ideas around business challenges – but …

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by Toby Bartholomew 0 min read

It’s official - there are some serious creative thinkers out there. A staggering 317 ideas were submitted to Team Sky’s first open challenge on Solverboard, ranging from developing apps to …

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