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by Solverboard 2 min read

Paul Sloane looks at why some big companies might be resisting open innovation. Open Innovation has come of age. It has become a mainstream activity in most leading companies. It …

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by Solverboard 4 min read

In this article originally published in the Harvard Business Review back in September 2014, Brad Power and Steve Stanton lay out a roadmap for corporate investment in innovation.Here’s the scene: …

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by Solverboard 5 min read

In this interview with Imaginatik's Bettina Von Stamm, the Director of the Innovation Leadership Forum, shares her thoughts on the importance of “context” in determining innovation’s success or failure, and discusses …

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by Solverboard 1 min read

. Welcome to Solverboard. We’re starting something a bit different – a Solution Revolution, if you will. The way we work is changing. People want to work at different times …

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