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by Solverboard, on 25-Oct-2015 21:36:18

Paul Sloane looks at why some big companies might be resisting open innovation. Open Innovation has come of age. It has become a mainstream activity in most leading companies. It …

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by Solverboard, on 19-Oct-2015 23:49:41

In this article originally published in the Harvard Business Review back in September 2014, Brad Power and Steve Stanton lay out a roadmap for corporate investment in innovation.Here’s the scene: …

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by Solverboard, on 18-Oct-2015 15:05:30

In this interview with Imaginatik's Bettina Von Stamm, the Director of the Innovation Leadership Forum, shares her thoughts on the importance of “context” in determining innovation’s success or failure, and discusses …

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by Solverboard, on 15-Oct-2015 14:08:22

. Welcome to Solverboard. We’re starting something a bit different – a Solution Revolution, if you will. The way we work is changing. People want to work at different times …

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