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MIT Solve – can technology help create the future of work?

MIT Solve Global Challenge

MIT launched its 2018 Solve Challenges recently, and as ever, they reflect some of the bigger issues of our times. Solve is MIT’s open innovation marketplace, connecting innovators with resources to solve global challenges, and it boasts highly prestigious people and organisations in its membership community as well as on its advisory board.  This year’s… Read more »

When is a failure not a failure? Why we need to stop using the f-word

Illustration from Tash Willcocks of Hyper Island

Picture credit: Tash Willcocks, Hyper Island I’ve just come back from the IRM Innovation, Business Change and Technology conference, where Solverboard was exhibiting, and I am a broken woman. Three days of workshops, presentations, conversations, and networking in air conditioned rooms means my head is full of information, my bag is full of business cards,… Read more »

Powerful Questions

Powerful Questions

Have you ever been in a meeting which seemed to have no point to it and was a waste of time? Would it have helped to have someone ask:“Why are we having this meeting? What is its purpose?”. Or maybe you’ve been part of a project that has diverted from its original goal (or never… Read more »

Creating the Solverboard ecosystem: capturing, measuring and rewarding collective intelligence for real business value

Today our core business tool, Solverboard for Business, got a host of updated features as well as a fresh new look and a new name: Solverboard Work. But that’s not all that’s changed: the new Solverboard Work is just part of our Solverboard ecosystem of tools, designed to allow organisations to access the human intelligence… Read more »

Imagine an organisation where anything is possible – and then make it so

This article recently ran on as part of a Times supplement on Enterprise Agility.Fans of science fiction will know that in the future almost anything is possible. Whether it’s neural laces for human-to-computer communication, phasers set to stun or kill, sentient spaceships, depressed androids or interplanetary travel at beyond the speed of light, sci-fi… Read more »

Innovation and failure – from words to deeds

We came across this post by Boston-based innovation consultant Eugene Ivanov earlier this week, and loved it so much we asked if we could re-post it here. What did we love so? Eugene’s wholly practical approach to the question of failure. So much of the current rhetoric is about celebrating, embracing and accepting failure, but… Read more »

Six years of 6Heads – the better angels of our nature

Monday nights are often pretty dull, especially at this time of year – it’s dark and cold, and everyone is adjusting to being back in the daily grind of the week. So it was hugely refreshing and uplifting to spend my Monday evening in the company of the lovely people at 6Heads, as well as a… Read more »

The EBN tech camp, Italy and a Cow.

Can you remember where you woke up this morning?Imagine that you wake up there again tomorrow… …and are lying next to a fully-grown cow. If you had 24 hours, from the moment you saw it, to make as much money from this cow as you could, what would you do? This is the question I’ve… Read more »

Can Tesla develop its comparative advantage into competitive advantage? – Guest post

Tesla car and solar roof

Today’s guest post comes from our partners smiknowledge, providers of professional development support services to individuals, teams and entire organisations in the fields of strategy, management and leadership. Our Customer Success Manager Aaron recently presented at the smiknowledge conference in Melbourne and will also be appearing at the London version of the event in November… Read more »

Innovation Conversations — Luke Mansfield, VP Innovation, PepsiCo

Innovation Conversation — Luke Mansfield, VP Innovation, PepsiCo

I met Luke at the FEI Innovation Europe Conference in June, where he gave a great presentation about the challenges of running an innovation programme in a large corporation. I was taken by his in-depth understanding not just of how to run successful innovation programmes, but how to navigate the politics and priorities of the… Read more »

How to test your ideas with a sprint and save millions – guest post

running track - guest post about running a sprint

Today’s guest post is from Adam Babajee-Pycroft, Managing Director of our UX partners Natural Interaction. Adam took some time out from planning the next iteration of Solverboard’s user experience (spoiler alert – it’s REALLY good) to share some of his experience on running successful sprints. Developing new ideas within an established business can swallow up… Read more »

Innovation Conversations — Antony Beckett and Dave Jarman, Teaching Fellows, University of Bristol

Innovation Conversation Part 1 — Antony Beckett and Dave Jarman, Teaching Fellows, University of Bristol

For this conversation, I spoke to Antony Beckett, the Undergraduate Programme Director and Dave Jarman, Postgraduate Programme Co-Director for University of Bristol’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Both are Teaching Fellows and responsible in part for designing the pioneering innovation degree programmes now being offered at the University. Talking to Antony and Dave was memorable… Read more »

Wondering about using innovation software? A few things to think about

Photo by Tachina Lee on Unsplash Please note: in February 2018 Solverboard for Business became Solverboard Work, and Solverboard Open became Solverboard World. Find out more about these changes here. It’s a confusing old world out there sometimes. Innovation software, idea management platforms, crowdsourcing platforms, open innovation tools – it’s hard to know whether you… Read more »

Everything begins with an idea – New Solverboard Feature

Please note: in February 2018 Solverboard for Business became Solverboard Work, and Solverboard Open became Solverboard World. Find out more about these changes here. Every day, thousands of ideas might be going to waste in your organisation. We designed Solverboard to help organisations engage their people and generate ideas around business challenges – but just… Read more »

And the winner is……Team Sky challenge results

It’s official – there’s some serious creative thinkers out there. A staggering 317 ideas were submitted to Team Sky’s first open challenge on Solverboard, ranging from developing apps to filming races with helmet cams to fantasy cycling teams.  Following an intensive review process, the winning idea and two runners up have now been selected and… Read more »

‘Innovation managers have to be politically savvy street-fighters’ – notes from the Front End of Innovation

I’m suffering from information overload right now, having spent most of last week at the Front End of Innovation conference having interesting conversations with inspiring people. As ever, there were some key recurring themes around innovation (discussed in previous posts), but I picked up some interesting additional dimensions, met some great people, and learned some completely new… Read more »

Innovation Conversations  — Nicola Millson, Innovation Consultant

Innovation Conversation - Nicola Millson

Talking to Nicola was a pleasure as it brought up a topic I hadn’t thought about for a while — system change and system design. I wrote about systems, particularly human systems, a while ago and have always been fascinated by how they grow and develop. Nicola’s thoughts on the subject were a really interesting insight. It… Read more »