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Introducing Solverboard Starter. The best way to...

Ensure strategic alignment

Ensure strategic alignment.

Prioritise ideas that align with your goals and filter ones that don’t:

  • Demonstrate how your vision and mission align with your innovation strategy
  • Filter ideas by goals to see all of the ideas related to your strategy
  • Prioritise ideas with the highest impact or strategic value

Why is this useful?
It makes sure that your team isn't investing time and effort in ideas which aren’t strategically aligned.

Set goals and work towards them

Set goals and work towards them.

Break long-term strategies into goals or OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) that can be assigned to members of your team:

  • Set goals or objectives and track your progress against them
  • Assign to senior responsible owners to drive vision and engagement
  • Develop key results to provide tangible success criteria for each objective
  • Easily review the status and latest activity

Why is this useful?
It gives you a framework you can follow to achieve your goals and clarity about who’s responsible for what.

Mobilise your team to capture ideas

Mobilise your team to capture ideas.

Source ideas from across your organisation – along with customers and partners – and rank them by engagement, showing you which ideas are generating the most interest:

  • See how many ideas have been submitted recently
  • See how many are in review or have been approved for delivery
  • Review other people’s ideas and leave comments and feedback
  • Assign an innovation manager to each idea to manage the process
  • See which users and groups are submitting the most ideas

Why is this useful?
It invites participation from across your network, maximising the chances of you finding the idea you need.

Gather ideas into visual dashboards

Gather ideas into visual dashboards.

Ideaboard is an intuitive way to explore ideas, giving you a visual representation of all the ideas that are live on the platform at any given moment:

  • Make it easy for stakeholders to find and review ideas related to specific goals
  • Give the organisation a single view of all new ideas in a user-friendly format
  • Sort and filter solutions to create views tailored to your business aims

Why is this useful?
It creates a better experience for stakeholders and showcases the great work your team is doing.

Identify your best ideas

Identify your best ideas.

Track engagements and conduct detailed assessments to highlight the ideas with the most potential:

  • Track likes and comments to show which ideas generate the most engagement
  • Assess the idea’s viability, feasibility and market potential
  • Rate ideas’ alignment with strategic goals
  • Easily identify and approve ideas with the most potential
  • Archive ideas which don’t get approved so you can access them in the future

Why is this useful?
It uses the power of the crowd and your subject matter experts to give you confidence that you’re focussing on your best ideas.

Atos are using Solverboard as a means of challenging our business change and transformation team to ideate around key organisational challenges, before assessing, selecting and validating them.
Matt Cresswell

Matt Cresswell
Innovation Lead, Atos

SkyLifter aims for value-innovation and we see Solverboard as a great platform for structuring innovation, enabling our cross-functional teams to work through new ideas to measurable outcomes. And especially useful in these times of home working.
Jeremy Fitton

Jeremy Fitton
CEO, SkyLifter

I'm sold. As someone who ran an innovation team, I would 100% use Solverboard to manage the whole portfolio... Solverboard will allow innovation teams to break free from siloes and engage the rest of the business in the innovation process.
Paul Bolofo

Paul Bolofo
Former Innovation Lead, Citi

Solverboard is a great solution for innovation leaders because it gives you visibility of the whole process, from vision through to delivery, and it allows you to measure and track the data in real-time.
Hannah Keartland

Hannah Keartland
Innovation Consultant

Most innovation management platforms are pretty weak once you get into them. Solverboard is far more robust than the majority of platforms I’ve seen in this space…
Cris Beswick

Cris Beswick
Innovation Consultant & Author

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Ready to capture and identify your best ideas?

Setup your free idea management platform in minutes. No credit card required.

  • Use the crowd to capture ideas
  • Assign your ideas to strategic goals
  • Filter ideas by goals to solve specific challenges
  • Assess an idea’s viability, feasibility and desirability
  • Use objectives and key results (OKRs) to measure the success of your ideas