How we support you

Who we are

Our Customer Team comprises of both Support and Success professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and experience, collectively spanning over 50 years!

What we do

  • Our Support Team are your main port of call for help, reporting issues or giving feedback. We work closely with all other teams in Solverboard to ensure you get a timely response and resolution to any issues that arise, for example, liaising with our development team to solve issues, scheduling in any required maintenance and feeding back to you. We also monitor your Solverboard uptime and let you know about scheduled downtime or wider unexpected technical issues.
  • Our Customer Success professionals can advise you on how Solverboard can be used most effectively within your organisation, work with you to establish what success looks like for you, and facilitate onboarding & training sessions. If you're on our Enterprise Plan, one of our dedicated experts will be assigned to your account.
  • The Privacy Team handle your GDPR requests or privacy concerns. You can read more in our Privacy Policy.

What we value

  • Communication. We value effective, concise, informative communication. We try and avoid jargon where possible, explain what we mean in simple terms and get to the point! We know you're busy, so we aim to get the key information to you in the best way at all times.
  • Feedback. Feedback is key to our success. Good or bad, we genuinely want to know what you think. We won't be offended! (You can report feedback directly from your Solverboard by clicking the "Help us improve" button.)
  • Accountability. Everyone makes mistakes, but the skill is learning from them. When we make a mistake, we'll tell you, work out why it happened, and endeavour to not let it happen again. See also...
  • Honesty. We believe that honesty is always the best policy. If we don't know how to solve your problem, we'll tell you, and then get going to find a solution.
  • Respect. We're all only human. We have good days and bad days. We'll always treat you with respect and politely request that you extend the same courtesy to us.
  • Security. Your security (and ours) is paramount. And that's why we have banking-grade security and encryption on all critical systems. There's things you can do to maintain good security too, like setting a really secure password, or never sending us your banking information by email. Read more in our Security policy
  • Innovation. No, we're not just saying it. Innovating means a better end result for you, for example, automating our processes, cutting out unnecessary steps, and improving our tools and software, can all mean we solve a problem more quickly and more effectively.
  • A really good bug report. We've put in tools to help you report a bug to us with minimum effort on your part. Our tool tells us what page you were on, your browser and screen size, any errors in the code that you may have encountered, and allows you to provide an annotated screenshot if you wish. However, if something is less obvious from a screenshot, let us know what you expected to happen. Give us as much information as you can, and we'll be able to fix it much more quickly.

Other sources of help

  • Our Support centre articles, guides and videos to help you use Solverboard effectively. (You can also view tickets you've raised.)
  • Our Slack channel chat with us and other Solverboard users to get help, best practice or just meet likeminded professionals
  • Our weekly Zoom drop-in sessions  join us weekly at 2pm to ask the team a question (not got an invite? Let us know and we'll send you the details)
  • Our YouTube channel help videos, podcast recordings and more
  • In-platform help  look for the question mark icons!

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

See below for an extract from our SLA on what you can expect from Solverboard Support.

Working hours

Our Support Team hours are Monday-Friday 9.00am-5.00pm UK GMT/BST, excluding English bank and public holidays .


We will strive to make sure that your Solverboard instance will be available for 99.9% of the Covered Hours in a calendar month.

Response time

Response times depend on the severity of the issue, which is initially determined by a combination of Urgency and Impact when raising a ticket, or by the Support Team when assessing the request.

  • Urgent: Complete degradation all users and critical functions affected. Item or service completely unavailable
  • High: Significant degradation large number of users or critical functions affected
  • Medium: Limited degradation limited number of users or functions affected. Business processes can continue 
  • Low: Small degradation few users or one user affected. Business processes can continue.


Target response time

Target resolution time

P1 – Urgent  

<1 Hour  

<4 hours  

P2 –High  

<3 Hours  

<8 hours  

P3 –Medium  

<1 business day  

Within the current release cycle (up to a fortnight)

P4 –Low  

<1 business day  

By the end of the release cycle (up to a month)


Not happy with our service? We want to make it right. Please send us a message and we'll endeavour to fix it.