Innovation Blockers Report 2020

More than 90% of companies are unhappy with their innovation performance.*

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How can this report help?

Now more than ever, businesses cannot afford to have blocks or obstacles to innovation. This 2020 report looks at what the most problematic blockers are, and gives you all the information you need on how to successfully overcome them.

The purpose of this report isn’t simply to tell you the findings, but to offer real, practical advice and solutions. That’s why we’ve recruited six innovation specialists to help you overcome all of these obstacles...

  • Fear of failure
  • Conflicting goals
  • Lack of innovation skills
  • No definition of what innovation is
  • Disagreement over who owns innovation

*Breaking Down the Barriers to Innovation by Scott D. Anthony, Paul Cobban, Rahul Nair and Natalie Painchaud, Harvard Business Review, Nov 2019