Engage your workforce to solve business challenges with their ideas

Solverboard is a web based idea management platform you can access wherever your employees are

Empower your workforce

No matter where your employees are based, allow them to collaborate through our cloud based idea management platform.
  • Solve business challenges
  • Share ideas
  • Showcase products & technology
Get started with a free 30 day trial or request a quick demo to learn how Solverboard can benefit your business.

Solverboard Benefits

Simple & Engaging

The platform is designed to be easy to use on any device, with leaderboards and notifications to help keep user engaged.

Analytics & ROI Measurement

Measure platform usage and engagement to help keep track on ROI of your business innovation.


Users earn point for contributions and interactions, further incentivising ongoing engagement.

Affordable & Scalable

We believe innovation should be available to everyone, as a result we only charge for active users and pricing from only £1* per active user.
* volume pricing also available

Cut Across Business Silos

Allow employees across teams, offices and countries to connect on a centralised cloud-based platform.

Collective Intelligence

Discover your best thinkers, engage them, get them working together and reward them accordingly.

Create a culture of innovation in your business today

Sounds Great, Can I Get A Demo?

Send us your details so we can talk through how Solverboard can help you and your business.

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