Turn Employee Imagination into Business Innovation.

Great ideas can come from anywhere.

Using Solverboard helps you innovate faster by engaging everyone in your business.

Key Features


Specific challenges can be raised and solutions can be added using a variety of simple, flexible templates.


Ideas can be raised by anyone on the platform, helping the company capture suggestions and improve the way they work.


Use your employee base to identify new technologies and suppliers, helping you innovate.


Simple & Engaging

The platform is designed to be easy to use on any device, with leaderboards and notifications to help keep user engaged.

Analytics and ROI Measurement

Measure platform usage and engagement to help keep track on ROI of your business innovation.


Users earn point for contributions and interactions, further incentivising ongoing engagement.

Affordable & Scalable

We believe innovation should be available to everyone, as a result we only charge for active users and pricing is as low as £0.50* per user.
* Based on 5,001–10,000 active users (volume pricing is applicable)

Cut Across Business Silos

Allow employees across teams, offices and countries to connect on a centralised cloud-based platform.

Collective Intelligence

Discover your best thinkers, engage them, get them working together and reward them accordingly.

The Challenge Process

Post your challenge

Select your challenge type with our simple templates and get your challenge in front of the right people with our targeting options.

Contribute solutions

Employees are able to submit their solutions from anywhere, helping to break down traditional silos and increase engagement.

Score and select winners

Solutions are scored helping to find a winner, who is then rewarded. All contributors gain points, boosting their profile.

How Solverboard Is Being Used

Establish internal co-innovation

Create and accelerate a culture of innovation within your business, connecting great minds to increase knowledge.

Engage employees, customers, suppliers and partners

Get a better understanding and gain insights about your business from your extended network and external stakeholders.

Assist with recruitment

Identify creative problem solvers and thinkers during the recruitment process. Use Solverboard to challenge applicants prior to interview.

Change management

Use Solverboard’s Innovation Management Programme to change behaviour and working practises within your organisation with our platform at its heart.

“My clients are already employing Solverboard to host open innovation projects, share creative ideas and to release the employee base to freely take part in the innovation conversation.”

Paul Fletcher at Enabling Innovation

Sounds Great, What Now?

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