Analyse your portfolio and select the best mix of innovations to deliver.

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Review your options

Review your options.

Ensure a balanced selection of initiatives by analysing options’ profitability and level of ambition:

  • Prioritise ideas that solve immediate problems
  • Identify ideas that could be launched with minimal investment
  • Ensure a good balance so that you’re not overinvesting in certain area

Why is this useful?
It allows you to balance the timing and focus of your portfolio so you have a plan for the future.

Decide which options to take to market

Decide which options to take to market.

Record how many approvals options receive and highlight ones that are ready to launch.

  • Assess an option’s profitability and technical feasibility
  • Assess goals’ strategic alignment
  • Identify and approve options that ready for delivery
  • Archive options which don’t get approved so you can access them in the future

Why is this useful?
It gives everyone involved the opportunity to have a final say on whether the idea gets taken to market.

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