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Define the scope

Define the scope.

Communicate your objectives, KPIs, team, resources and approach with all stakeholders:

  • Create a single view that teams and stakeholders can easily refer back to
  • Define the financial and strategic opportunity
  • Store all of the documents and information relating to your project
  • Build interdisciplinary teams with different roles and responsibilities
  • Set and share your success criteria

Why is this useful?
It keeps the scope front of mind, ensures alignment within the team and gives everyone involved a single view of the project.

Monitor ROI and manage finances

Monitor ROI and manage finances.

Establish the resources that are required and keep track of costs as you progress:

  • Define your business case and financial justification
  • Compare projected costs with actual costs
  • Keep track of project ROI and net project value
  • Plan project finances up to ten years into the future
  • Create a single view of project finances for easy management

Why is this useful?
It makes it easier for teams to ensure profitability and reduces the likelihood of financial mismanagement.

Accelerate project delivery

Accelerate project delivery.

Manage the process and review your progress and finances, with the ability to pivot or put projects on hold at any time:

  • Assign actions to team members and track their completion
  • Update and share the project status
  • Keep a reliable record of the entire project history
  • Highlight issues, risks, opportunities and lessons as you progress
  • Give stakeholders an easy way to get up to speed

Why is this useful?
It helps you keep everyone up to speed on what’s happened and what’s to come.

Measure Innovation performance

Measure innovation performance.

Track progress across all of your live projects:

  • See how many projects are in play
  • See how many are scheduled for reviews or ready to launch
  • Track the overall progress of projects from one stage to the next
  • Identify peaks or drops in performance so you can investigate

Why is this useful?
It helps you measure and improve the performance of your team.

Manage development

Manage development.

Plan release cycles and internal reviews to help you develop innovation outcomes faster:

  • Gather feedback, capture lessons learned and iterate
  • Plan and track your progress
  • Encourage a culture of continuous development

Why is this useful?
It encourages an agile mindset and provides an off-the-shelf way to teams to arrive at viable solutions faster.

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