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Manage complex projects with ease​

A dedicated workspace for project professionals in SMEs who want to reliably deliver successful projects every time

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Enterprise-grade project management for SMEs

You can’t manage complex projects using spreadsheets, Trello or Slack.

We built Projectsboard to give SMEs access to enterprise-grade project management workflows and capabilities.

Measure current and projected value of projects

Focus on outcomes, not admin

You need more than task management. You need detailed breakdowns of costs, success criteria, risks, opportunities and tasks.

Projectsboard embeds an outcome-focused mindset, so you’re working towards end goals and not getting bogged down in admin.

Project success criteria

Built by project managers, for project managers

Reporting up the chain… Chasing status updates… Working across multiple PM tools...

We built Projectsboard to solve real problems that we faced as project professionals in SMEs.

Encourage project accountability and ownership

All of your project info in one place

Simplify and streamline the delivery of large and complex projects by putting all of your project info, tasks, risks, timelines and reporting in one easy to use platform.

Manage project development

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What can Projectsboard help you do?

Projectsboard embeds the tools, techniques and methods required to reliably deliver large and complex projects on budget and on time.

Improve communication​

Communicate your objectives, KPIs, team, resources and approach with all stakeholders.

Why is this useful?

It keeps the scope front of mind, ensures alignment across all stakeholders and gives everyone involved a single view of the project.

Project workspace

Monitor ROI and manage finances​​

Establish what resources are required and keep track of costs as you progress using stage gate reviews.

Why is this useful?

It makes it easier for teams to ensure profitability and reduces the likelihood of financial mismanagement.

Monitor ROI and manage finances

Integrate and consolidate your tools

Replace multiple tools with one dedicated workspace that’s easier to manage and won’t lead to information silos.

Why is this useful?

It saves money on license costs and reduces the need to manage and update multiple tools.

Integrate with other project tools

Accelerate delivery​

Assign actions, highlight risks, set milestones and keep a reliable record of everything that’s happened to date.

Why is this useful?

It gives you a single workspace from which you can manage every aspect of the project and everyone involved.

Capture and share project learnings

Measure performance​

Track progress across all of your live projects and the performance of your entire project portfolio.

Why is this useful?

It helps you measure and improve the performance of your team and investments.

Measure performance

What makes Projectsboard different?

Projectsboard is much more powerful than simple task management. But less expensive than the enterprise-grade alternatives.

We make it easier for SME project managers to deliver large and complex projects - and we do it at a price point they can afford.

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