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Innovation Playbook

The Innovation Playbook

This playbook helps you quickly get the most out of Solverboard by breaking your innovation journey down into six easy to follow game plans.​

Each game plan has differing levels of effort and impact; all are designed to encourage you to get going straight away to deliver and enjoy some early results.

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The Sustainability Revolution

Solverboard is the only innovation management platform focused on delivering sustainable innovation. The world is changing rapidly. Innovation is no longer an option, it is a necessity. Solving global challenges and creating a sustainable future is the biggest task of our generation.

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Innovation Ikigai template

Innovation Ikigai template

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that helps you to find your true purpose. Taking four concepts – Passion, Mission, Profession and Vocation – it helps you to align with overall business goals, reducing roadblocks to successful innovation.

Our Innovation Ikigai template asks four simple questions. The answers to these will create your Innovation Ikigai statement, helping you to align stakeholders and commit to long-term strategies and goals.

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Solverboard Introduction Q3 2021

The all-in-one platform for enterprise innovators

We’re Solverboard; an innovation management platform. Our purpose is to help organisations innovate better.

Solverboard can help you

  • Find, test and deliver the best ideas in your organisation
  • Manage the entire project lifecycle and accelerate delivery
  • Analyse the performance of your portfolio
  • Measure the ROI of new initiatives and show your progress

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Net Zero 2030 slideshare

How do businesses aim to achieve net zero by 2030?

We asked 22 innovation and sustainability leaders how UK businesses can help reach 2030’s net zero goal. Here’s what they said...

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Innovation Blockers Report 2021 cover

Innovation Blockers Report 2021

Innovation played a huge part in the fight against COVID-19 and our economic recovery. But the innovation landscape has been changed by the pandemic – can existing innovation infrastructures create a balanced, fair and sustainable future?

Our biggest report yet collates the 10 most common blockers that we know innovation leaders encounter and provides expert advice on how to overcome them…

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Mothers of Invention: Episode 6 – Have we learnt from COVID-19?

In this episode, we hear the group discuss the opportunity to become more human-centred in our approach to business, how the pandemic has impacted leadership and inclusion culture, and whether the pandemic has made us more authentic – and that’s just the first five minutes!

Now that life as we know it has been thrown out of the window, can we begin to make the unimaginable happen? Can we keep our ‘diversity of perspective’ and continue to look at life differently once we go back to normal? Can we get better at prioritising our time, or will we fall back into old habits?

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Mothers of Invention: Episode 5 – The Future of Work

In this episode, we hear the group discussing the future of work, and how their businesses and clients responded to the sudden reality of everyone working from home.

Now this is our new normal, how will businesses take advantage of the opportunities – such as the ability to recruit people from across the world – while balancing it with the need to provide staff with the right support and training opportunities?

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Unblocking Innovation: Paving the Way for Strategic Change and Transformation

On Tuesday 27th October 2020, Solverboard took part in the virtual Business Change & Transformation Conference, hosting a panel discussion with three experts in business strategy: Katherine Allan, Founder of KSK Consulting; Cris Beswick, Co-founder of Outcome; and Arend Welmers, CEO of Ninety Days.

In this session, we consider the relationship between innovation, transformation and change management, and offer potential solutions to five common innovation blockers…

  • Fear of failure
  • Conflicting goals
  • Lack of innovation skills
  • No definition of what innovation is
  • Disagreement over who owns innovation

Moderator: Aaron Slater, Head of Marketing at Solverboard


Mothers of Invention: Episode 4

Charlie Widdows hosts a chat about the role of communication in creating an effective innovation culture. Guests include (in order of appearance):

  • Marissa Ellis, Founder at Diversily
  • Philippa Haynes, Brand Strategy Expert
  • Aimee Skinner, Innovation Manager at Bristol Water (at time of recording)
  • Cecilia Thirlway, Strategic Communications Advisor
  • Nick Parker, Chair at the RSA
SB 2020 blockers report cover

Innovation Blockers Report 2020

Now more than ever, businesses cannot afford to have blocks or obstacles to innovation. This 2020 report looks at what the most problematic blockers are, and gives you all the information you need on how to successfully overcome them.

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Solverboard headphones

Mothers of Invention: Episode 3

A group of innovation managers, consultants, and specialists have a weekly chat hosted by Solverboard. This week the group begins to tackle the topic: redefining innovation in a post-pandemic world.

Featuring: Charlie Widdows, Aaron Slater, Bastiaan Saris, Aimee Skinner, Nick Parker, Katherine Allan, Cecilia Thirlway, James Snelgrove, Marc Woodland

Introduction to Solverboard

Solverboard is the only all-in-one innovation platform that can help you find the best ideas, streamline their delivery and measure their value.

Mothers of Invention 2

Mothers of Invention: Episode 2

Every week during lockdown we've caught up with innovation managers, consultants, and specialists who are supporting their businesses and clients to respond to the coronavirus crisis.

SB 2019 blockers report cover

Innovation Blockers Report 2019

While building our platform, we talked to countless innovation professionals about the struggles they face on a daily basis. There were five blockers that came up time and time again. So we asked four innovation experts for their opinions on how to deal with these ‘innovation blockers.’

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Our workflow

Strategy > Ideas > Tests > Options > Projects. Manage the entire innovation lifecycle and accelerate delivery.

Mothers of Invention 2

Mothers of Invention: Episode 1

A group of innovation managers, consultants, and specialists have a weekly chat hosted by Solverboard. This week we meet some of the regular members and begin to hear how they are coping with the Covid-19 crisis.

Featuring: Charlie Widdows, Nick Dean, James Snelgrove, Nick Parker, Cris Beswick, Katherine Allan, Steven Kainth, Philippa Haynes, Aimee Skinner, Aaron Slater