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Wondering about using innovation software? A few things to think about

Photo by Tachina Lee on Unsplash Please note: in February 2018 Solverboard for Business became Solverboard Work, and Solverboard Open became Solverboard World. Find out more about these changes here. It’s a confusing old world out there sometimes. Innovation software, idea management platforms, crowdsourcing platforms, open innovation tools – it’s hard to know whether you… Read more »

‘Innovation managers have to be politically savvy street-fighters’ – notes from the Front End of Innovation

I’m suffering from information overload right now, having spent most of last week at the Front End of Innovation conference having interesting conversations with inspiring people. As ever, there were some key recurring themes around innovation (discussed in previous posts), but I picked up some interesting additional dimensions, met some great people, and learned some completely new… Read more »