Design experiments to prototype and refine your ideas.

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Create a culture of continuous learning

Create a culture of continuous learning.

Embed testing and learning into the organisation’s culture to help it embrace uncertainty and innovation:

  • Define hypotheses and test your assumptions
  • Align your testing processes with industry best practice
  • Encourage experimentation by providing users with an off-the-shelf method for testing ideas

Why is this useful?
It establishes a clear and repeatable process for testing and refining ideas before they are approved for delivery.

Build interdisciplinary testing teams

Build interdisciplinary testing teams.

Explore, develop and validate ideas by creating teams that are responsible for the testing process:

  • Create mixed teams of subject matter experts and innovation managers
  • Assign specific tasks and overall accountability
  • Quickly and easily check in on the status of the testing process

Why is this useful?
It gives the innovation team and subject matter experts a single view of how far along the testing process is and what you’ve learned so far.

Capture and share learnings

Capture and share learnings.

Build a knowledge bank of everything you’ve learned that can be easily shared with the rest of the organisation:

  • Capture all of your insights and share them internally
  • Create a searchable knowledge bank to help teams learn from what worked and what didn’t
  • Drive continuous improvements to your testing capability

Why is this useful?
It maximises the value of your experiments by making the learnings as easy to access and share as possible.

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