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Not another idea management platform...

Solverboard is so much more.

A few years ago...

When we first launched Solverboard, it was just an idea management platform. It could help innovation managers collect ideas and share them with others. It could even help them generate new ideas.

But as soon as we started sharing it with potential users, we knew that something was up.


“I don’t need another idea management platform. I’ve already got one and I don’t use that very much as it is.”

We heard this, or something like it, time and time again. Not wanting to give up, we asked them what they did need.

The response was unanimous.


They didn’t need help generating more ideas or managing the ones that they had, they needed help making those ideas happen. They wanted an end-to-end solution with reporting functionality that could showcase the value of innovation projects to the board and other stakeholders.

They wanted Hubspot, Xero or Salesforce, but for innovation.

So that’s what we built.


You can apply for early access using the link below. Once accepted, you will have the opportunity to fine-tune the platform and help us to solve even more of your everyday problems.


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