Turn Imagination Into Innovation.

As a business, your next brilliant innovation could come from anyone, anywhere.

Solverboard's intuitive idea management software turns your team into an army of innovation managers, crowdsourcing ideas and innovating faster


All organisations need ideas to thrive: to grow, to work smarter and more effectively.

Sometimes, finding and developing those ideas can be difficult. Solverboard brings people together into engaged, collaborative communities focused on specific challenges.

It cuts across organisational silos to inspire, capture, measure and reward the collective intelligence of your organisation.

The Solverboard Process


You post your challenge

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Your colleagues contribute ideas


You rate the ideas and select the
best solution

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“I chose to work with Solverboard while I was at Team Sky...

...because it offers a fantastic platform for making visible the challenges we need to solve, so that people – whether our own people or the wider public – can contribute to the solutions.

“One of the key factors in making a sports team successful is being open to new ideas, and Solverboard’s Open Innovation platform offers an easy way of surfacing and assessing ideas from all over the world.”

Simon Jones – Head of Innovation at Team Sky


Get started on creating a culture of innovation from only £1 per user per month

Easy To Use

Set and solve challenges and gather ideas easily from any device


Track outcomes so success can be measured and rewarded

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