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Solverboard is the only all-in-one innovation platform that can help you find the best ideas, streamline their delivery and measure their value.

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“How do we align ideas with our business strategy?”

Strategic innovation requires strategic alignment. Every idea in Solverboard is aligned to a business goal, so you never lose sight of the big picture.

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“How do we find our best ideas?”

Great ideas can come from anywhere, but finding them isn’t always easy. Solverboard can help you collect and filter ideas, so you can zero in on the best.

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“How do we test whether this will work?”

Prototyping is when good ideas become great ideas. Solverboard helps you test, iterate and refine ideas before you commit to them.

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We built Solverboard to solve real problems faced by innovation leaders.

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“Which innovation options should we focus on first?”

Timing is everything. Solverboard analyses your portfolio and selects the best mix of projects for you to launch at any given time.

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“How can we streamline the delivery of projects?”

Delivering big ideas requires careful management. Solverboard can help you manage the entire process from just one platform, that we have designed to integrate with other tools, and give you the confidence you're going to deliver.

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“How are we measuring the effectiveness of our innovation programme?”

Solverboard’s reports and dashboards track the number of ideas being generated and the speed of their delivery, highlighting areas for improvement and showing what’s worked in the past.

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Total control for enterprise innovators

Create an always-on innovation pipeline-1

Create an always-on innovation pipeline.

Create a reliable pipeline of credible ideas and new projects sourced from across the organisation.

Manage the entire project lifecycle

Manage the entire project lifecycle.

Progress initiatives from ideas to tests to live projects, with flexible workflows to allow for multiple innovation pathways.

Create an audit trail

Create an audit trail.

Capture and record all approvals and key decisions within the platform.

Manage roles and permissions

Manage roles and permissions.

Control what people can see and do across the platform with our comprehensive permissions framework.

Provide assurance in delivering innovation-1

Provide assurance in delivering innovation.

Give your C-suite confidence and assurance that your innovation strategy is being tracked and managed at every stage, and the benefits will be realised.

Store learnings for future reference

Store learnings for future reference.

Create a searchable knowledge bank to help teams learn from one another and record their activity.

Link projects and ideas together

Link projects and ideas together.

Graduating an idea into a project creates a parent-child relationship within the platform, helping organise your ideas and improving navigation.

Access from any device

Access from any device.

Access the browser-based application from desktop, laptop or mobile, with a seamless user experience on any device.